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Payment Methods

What methods of payment does Telephony Depot accept?

Credit Card: We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. Government issued IMPAC cards are also welcome. With credit card purchases we use an address verification system (AVS) to detect potentially fraudulent transactions. In some cases we may require additional means of verification in order to process
these orders. See below for more information about AVS. Wire Transfer: Wire transfer details will be provided upon placement of the order. Please note that if the monies are sent from outside the USA there is an international wire transfer fee of $25.00, which must be included in your payment. Orders are shipped upon receipt of the wire transfer. PayPal: We accept PayPal payments only if the order is being shipped to a PayPal Confirmed shipping address. In the case of an Unconfirmed PayPal address we will automatically refund the payment and cancel the order. Customers with a PayPal account can place orders by clicking the Checkout with PayPal icon when viewing their virtual shopping cart. Purchase Order: Government, educational institutions, and pre-approved companies and individuals have the option to pay by purchase order. A copy of the purchase order must be provided to Telephony Depot before the order can be shipped. Payment terms are Net 30. What is the address verification system (AVS)? AVS is a precautionary measure Telephony Depot performs to ensure your protection and deter fraudulent activity for credit card transactions. We perform address verification for both the billing and shipping addresses through Merchant Services and your credit/debit card issuer to confirm your identify and verify the validity of your purchase, ultimately protecting your credit and privacy. Both your billing and shipping addresses must be verified before an order will ship. In some cases we may need to contact you to take further validation measures. If you wish to ship to an address other than your billing address, please contact your credit card's issuing bank and have your shipping destination added as an authorized alternate shipping address. We will then contact the issuer to verify this information after you've placed an order. Please be aware that this may delay shipment of an order.

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