IMPORTANT NOTICE: The entire Telephony Depot team will be in intermittent training sessions Thursday afternoon (9/18) and Friday (9/19) our office will close for the day at 3:30 PM EST. Please expect order processing delays during this period.

Technical Support

Telephony Depot is pleased to offer basic troubleshooting and diagnostic support to our customers at no additional charge. Please note that some manufacturers offer end-user support and we request that you contact them initially. Those vendors and their contact details are as follows:

Manufacturer Support Phone Number Online and Email Support
Digium 256-428-6000 Hardware:
Asterisk Business Edition:
Edgewater Networks 408-351-7200
Grandstream 617-566-9300
Jabra USA: 800-826-4656
Canada: 800-489-4199
Visit Jabra's online support center.
Plantronics Toll free in North America: 800-544-4660
Direct: 831-426-5858
Visit Plantronics's online support center.
Rhino Equipment Toll free in North America: 877-RHINO-T1
Direct: 480-621-4002
Visit Rhino's online support center.
Sangoma Toll free in North America: 800-388-2475
Direct: 905-474-1990 x3
Visit Sangoma's online support center.
Snom N/A Visit Snom's online support center.
Yealink +86-592-5702000 x8518 (North America)
Xorcom 866-XORCOM1 Visit Xorcom's support contact form.