Technical Support

Telephony Depot is pleased to offer basic troubleshooting and diagnostic support to our customers at no additional charge. Please note that some manufacturers offer end-user support and we request that you contact them initially. Those vendors and their contact details are as follows:

Manufacturer Support Phone Number Online and Email Support
Digium 256-428-6000 Hardware:
Asterisk Business Edition:
Edgewater Networks 408-351-7200
Grandstream 617-566-9300 Grandstream Support Center
Jabra USA: 800-826-4656
Canada: 800-489-4199
Visit Jabra's online support center.
Mitel (Aastra) Toll free in North America: 800-574-1611 Visit Mitel's online customer support page.
Plantronics Toll free in North America: 800-544-4660
Direct: 831-426-5858
Visit Plantronics's online support center.
Rhino Equipment Toll free in North America: 877-RHINO-T1
Direct: 480-621-4002
Visit Rhino's online support center.
Sangoma Toll free in North America: 800-388-2475
Direct: 905-474-1990 x3
Visit Sangoma's online support center.
Snom N/A Visit Snom's online support center.
Yealink +86-592-5702000 x8518 (North America)
Xorcom 866-XORCOM1 Visit Xorcom's support contact form.