Panasonic TGP500

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  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Model: KX-TGP500B04
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  • Warranty: 1 year
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Panasonic TGP500

The SIP Cordless Phone System is for communications using the IP-Centrex and Hosted Services. With this system, you can cut down on the initial equipment costs and communication charges from now on.

DECT TGP500 Base Unit with SIP suppport and 1 Cordless Handset TPA50. Base supports up to 6 DECT handsets. Base supports wall mount. Certified for use with Asterisk and Broadsoft platforms.

This splendid system enables you to conveniently use three different outside lines at the same time. Even if one of your coworkers is talking over this system now or even if you haven't signed up more than one outside lines, you can make a callusing this system. This system saves you any labor or costs of signing up several different outside lines and also saves you any trouble of managing different outside lines. Call status is displayed on the main phone and its cordless phone for your easy check.
G.711a-law / G.711μ-law / G.722(wideband) / G.729a / G.726(32K) used as CODEC

DECT Cordless Handset is used as the handset of its sub-phone. Unlike before,there is no need for you to connect a LAN cable with every your telephone.Worldwide-reputed Panasonic's handset, which has a large white LCD, Calling Status DisplayFunction, etc., is user-friendly designed.

You can use up to six (6) DECT Cordless Handsets depending on your needs.This system comes with one cordless handset when delivered to you. You can use up to six (6) DECT Cordless Handsets if you need them. 

Panasonic TGP500 Specifications

• Expandable up to 6 DECT 6.0 Cordless Handsets
• Supports up to 8 Phone Numbers
• Supports 3 Simultaneous Calls
• Wide Band Audio (G.722)
• White Backlit Large LCD on Handset
• Handset Call Button on Base Unit
• Elegant, Simple Design

Panasonic TGP500 Resources

Datasheets & Brochures:
Panasonic TGP500 Datasheet (PDF)
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