Sangoma D100-480E

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  • Manufacturer: Sangoma
  • Model: D100-480E
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  • Warranty: 5 years
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Sangoma D100-480E

The industry's first affordable PCI or PCI Express voice transcoding card — designed for optimum voice quality for low to high density system!

IP telephony applications commonly require the use of multiple voice codecs, used to digitally compress voice signals and save on bandwidth. Voice signals from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) come in the form of the G.711 codec, but the VoIP terminal equipment and networks can support a variety of different voice codecs, such as G.729, G.726, AMR, G.723.1, G.722, iLBC, etc. The VoIP infrastructure needs the capability to mediate between endpoints supporting different codecs, but this functionality requires digital signal processing tasks that are often costly and resource-intensive, and can affect the quality of the voice signals, if it introduces too much latency and delay.

The D100 card, available in PCI and PCI Express form factors, converts simultaneous channels of transcoding from one type of codec (e.g. G.711) to another (e.g. G.729), without affecting latency or using up precious host CPU resources. The card allows up to 30, 60, 120, 240 or 480 channels of any-to-any voice codec conversion, with unmatched quality¹. All codecs are fully indemnified; no additional licensing is required for their use².

The D100 works with both Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. With compatible drivers, these applications can use the D100 cards as seamless voice transcoding resources.

Sangoma D100-480E Specifications


  • Support for Asterisk and FreeSWITCH
  • Media flows in and out of PCI or PCIe bus
  • Codecs supported: G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.723.1, G.726, G.729AB, GSM-FR, GSM-EFR, AMR, AMR-WB (G.722.2), iLBC, L8 (Linear 8K), L16 (Linear 16K)


  • PCI: 0.9 A @ 5 V (4.5 W)
  • PCIe: 1.35 A @ 3.3 V (4.5 W)


  • Compact factor for use in restricted chassis
  • Includes low profile bracket for installation in 2U chassis
  • PCI model: 121 mm x 63.5 mm
  • PCIe model: 94 mm x 63.5 mm

Operating Systems

Linux (all versions, releases and distributions from 1.0 up)


    Emissions: FCC Part 15 Class A, CISPR 22, CISPR 24, EN 55022 (pending)


    Temperature range: 0 – 50 °C

    Production Quality

    ISO 9002


    30-day "no questions asked" return policy

    D-Series hardware comes with a standard 5-year warranty with product registration when purchased through an authorized Empowered by Sangoma representative

    Sangoma D100-480E Resources

    Datasheets & Brochure:
    Sangoma D100-480E Datasheet (PDF)