Sangoma A500 2-24 Port Scalable S/T BRI w/ Echo Cancellation

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List Price: $670.00

  • Manufacturer: Sangoma
  • Model: A500BRMD
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  • Warranty: lifetime
  • Availability: Available to ship same business day
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Sangoma A500 2-24 Port Scalable S/T BRI w/ Echo Cancellation

Sangoma built itsbusiness by designing hardware that simply works, the first time. We have taken the time to ensure our BRI solution delivers.

The Sangoma A500 S/T BRI Interface Card delivers superior audio quality and scalability. Expand from two to twenty-four ports of BRI with optional Octasic™ Telco-grade, hardware echo cancellation. A single PCI or PCI Express slot hosts the connection for up to 24 ports and ensures common synchronous clocking for all channels with no signaling issues. The card is 100% software configurable. Finally, a BRI card that upholds Sangoma's high standards of quality in engineering and untiring product support.

Sangoma A500 - Architecture
The A500 consists of a Remora™ BRI daughterboard mounted on the AFT PCI card. The Remora™ BRI card has three sockets, each of which can accept an S/T BRI module. One S/T BRI module has two S/T four wire interfaces, which support TE or NT modes of operation. Changing modes requires no jumpers - simply invert the module.

Up to three additional Remora™ daughterboards can be mounted in empty slot positions beside the A500 assembly. These are connected to the A500 by a special backplane bus connector.

Sangoma A500 - Operating systems

  • Linux (all versions, releases and distributions from 1.0 up).
  • Solaris.

Sangoma A500 - Diagnostic tools

Sangoma A500 - Certification
  • FCC Part 15 Class A, FCC Part 68, CE.
  • TBR3

Sangoma A500 - Production quality
ISO 9002

Sangoma A500 - Warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on parts and labour.
  • PLUS 30-day “no questions asked” return policy.

Sangoma A500 2-24 Port Scalable S/T BRI w/ Echo Cancellation Specifications

Sangoma A500 - Technical specifications

  • From 2 to 24 ports are supported. Mix TE and NT modes, as required. Changing modes requires no jumpers - simply invert the colour-coded module.
  • Supports Asterisk®, Yate™,   FreeSWITCH™,   CallWeaver™, PBX/IVR projects, as well as other Open Source and proprietary PBX, Switch, IVR or VoIP gateway applications.
  • Single synchronous PCI and PCI Express interface for all 24 BRI interfaces.
  • Six ports per RemoraTM card.
  • Dimensions: 2U Form factor: 187mm x 55mm for use in restricted chassis.
  • Short 2U compatible mounting clips included for installation in 2U rackmount servers and high quality, tested 2m 8-pin RJ45 port splitter cables included.
  • 32 bit bus master DMA data exchanges across PCI interface at 132 Mbytes/sec for minimum host processor intervention.
  • Autosense compatibility with 5 V and 3.3 V PCI busses.
  • Fully PCI 2.2 and PCI Express compliant, compatible with all commercially available motherboards, proper sharing of PCI interrupts.
  • Intelligent hardware: Downloadable FPGA programming with multiple operating modes. Add new features related to voice and/or data when they become available.
  • Power: 800mA peak, operational 300mA max at +3.3 V or 5 V.
  • Temperature range: 0 - 50°C.
  • Optimized DMA stream and hardware-level HDLC handling unload the host CPU.
  • Raw bitstream interfaces can be used to support arbitrary non-standard line protocols, such as non-byte aligned monosynch or bisynch. WANPIPE® supports certified, field tested, and reliable Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC and X.25.

Sangoma A500 2-24 Port Scalable S/T BRI w/ Echo Cancellation Resources

Datasheets & Brochures:
Sangoma A500 BRI (PDF)

Sangoma A500 BRI Product Demo