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Snom klarVOICE Handset - 300 Series Phones

Price: $35.00

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  • Manufacturer: Snom
  • Model: 1772
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Snom klarVOICE Handset - 300 Series Phones

The next generation of acoustics in telephony. Experience new dimensions in sound!

The snom klarVOICE can be used with any snom 300 series phone. Until now traditional telephony was a compromise between audibility and the size of the data rate to be delivered. By contrast the new snom klarVOICE handset uses wide-band technology which makes it possible to deliver a frequency spectrum of 50 to 7,000 Hz.

The result is a dramatically improved and more natural sound quality – the long-distance call from overseas sounds as if the caller were in the same room with you.

Features distinguishing the snom klarVOICE:

  • supports Codec G.722
  • frequency spectrum of 50 Hz to 7.0 kHz
  • phenomenal sound quality

Click here for an Audio Sample to hear how the difference could be!

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