Konftel 300IP PoE

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  • Manufacturer: Konftel
  • Model: 910101079
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  • Warranty: 2 years
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Konftel 300IP PoE

This item does not include a power adapter. If you require a power adapter you will need both the 14v PSU and the Connection Power Cable. These are listed in "related items."

Advantages of the Konftel 300IP PoE

  • OmniSound® 2.0 with wideband
  • SIP based
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • 5-way calls
  • SD call recording
  • Wireless headset connection
  • User profiles for storing personal contact details and settings
  • The conference guide makes calls easier
  • Phone book
  • Web-based configuration
  • Export and import of contacts and settings simplifies installation
  • Connects to a PA system (accessory)
  • Future proof since it can be upgraded with smart features
  • Two-year warranty

The Konftel 300IP is a flexible SIP-based conference phone, perfect for companies that use IP voice services. Its clear, natural sound comes from OmniSound 2.0, Konftel’s patented wideband audio technology. The stylishly designed Konftel 300IP is packed with intelligent features for more efficient conference calls. Record and store meetings on a SD memory card. Use the conference guide to call pre-programmed groups with just a few simple pushes of a button. Conveniently import and export contact details via the Web interface. Create your own phone book with the personal user profile feature.

The Konftel 300IP is also ideal for larger conferences since it can accommodate expansion microphones, an external wireless headset and a PA system. With the Konftel 300IP your company will have a conference phone that combines all the benefits of IP voice service with innovative new features.

The Konftel 300IP combines all the benefits of IP voice service with Konftel’s innovative new features for more efficient conference calls.

Konftel 300IP - Based on SIP
Konftel 300IP can be connected to your IP PBX system or directly to a VoIP service provider. SIP based (RFC 3261) the phone is compatible with most SIP platforms available on the market. In order to simplify connectivity, the Konftel 300IP also supports Power over Ethernet.

Konftel 300IP - Make 5-way calls
The Konftel 300IP can handle four SIP connections simultaneously, plus you can link the connections to make a 5-way call.

Konftel 300IP - User profiles
Up to four users can save their preferred settings and personal contact details, which are displayed after password protected log in.

Konftel 300IP - Call recording on memory card
Konftel 300IP has a call recording function on SD memory cards so you can record your meetings and dictate file notes. The memory card can be transferred to a computer, allowing the user to listen to, share or save the audio files.

Konftel 300IP - Connect a wireless headset
With a headset connected to the Konftel 300IP, the sound from the headset and the phone is transmitted simultaneously to other parties. This is a smart function for lecture situations.

Konftel 300IP - The conference guide makes calls easier
By creating a group in the conference guide all participants can be contacted at the touch of a button. A great feature when you have repeat conference calls. The conference guide can store up to 20 groups per profile.

Konftel 300IP - Phone book
Save the details for up to 1,000 contacts per user profile in the phone book. Conveniently manage your contacts via the Web interface.

Konftel 300IP - Easy configuration via the Web interface
The Konftel 300IP is configured easiest via the Web interface. Smoothly import and export settings and contacts for easy transfer to other Konftel 300IP units.

Konftel 300IP - Expansion capacity for larger rooms
Expansion microphones increase the voice pickup range from 320 sq ft to more than twice that. The combination of Konftel 300IP’s omnidirectional microphone with directional microphones guarantees excellent voice pickup in larger meeting rooms. Connect Konftel 300IP to an external PA system for even more impressive audio sound.

Konftel 300IP - OmniSound® 2.0 – sensational sound
Our patented audio technology, OmniSound®, is embedded in all Konftel phones to guarantee crystal-clear voice transmission. OmniSound® 2.0 with wideband enables the Konftel 300IP to deliver even more impressive audio quality. Just like the OmniSound® full duplex, OmniSound® 2.0 uses an omnidirectional microphone and three speakers for optimal audio performance. OmniSound® 2.0 also has a few new features — noise suppression to minimize distracting background noise, wideband voice transmission to produce a 7 kHz sound signal, and an equalizer to allow you to adjust sound levels during meetings.

Konftel 300IP PoE Specifications

Konftel 300IP - Languages:
Menu and Quick Guide: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Swedish

Konftel 300IP - Call Features:
Call hold
Call waiting
Call Park/Unpark (if supported by PBX)
Call Pickup (if supported by PBX)
Call recording (local on SD card)
Conference guide: 20 groups per profile,
4 parties/group
Consultation Hold
Dial plan
Dialing: Phone number and SIP URI ENUM
Support (E.164) if supported by PBX/Server
Local 5-way calls
Music on Hold if supported by PBX
Two configurable SIP accounts
Unattended transfer

Konftel 300IP - Audio Features:
OmniSound® 2.0 Wideband
Microphone: Omnidirectional
Reception area: Up to 320 sq ft
> 10 people
Speakers: frequency range: 200–7000 Hz
Volume: Max 90 db SPL 0.5 m
Equalizer: soft, neutral, sharp
Codecs: G722, G711,G729ab
DTMF: In-band / via RTP / SIP INFO

Konftel 300IP - Directory:
Phone book: < 1,000 entries per profile
Export/import of directory
Call list
User profile: 4 profiles (password protected)

Konftel 300IP - Interoperabilty:
SIP 2.0, RfC3261 and companion RFCS
See www.konftel.com/300IP

Konftel 300IP - Recording:
Support for SD memory cards up to 2 GB

Konftel 300IP - Network and Provisioning:
DHCP and static IP
Ethernet 10/100 Base T
NAT traversal: STUN and ICE
Software upgrade: TFTP / HTTP/HTTPS
Export/import of profiles including settings
Embedded web server, HTTP/HTTPS
Web-based remote configuration
Web-based diagnostics log files:
log level and network statistics

Konftel 300IP - Security:
Authentication: Basic or Digest
Transport: TlS and SRTP
Password protected accounts

Konftel 300IP - Dimensions:
Size: Diameter 240 mm, height 77 mm
Weight: 2.2 lb
Color: Licorice black

Konftel 300IP - Display and Keypad:
Display: lCD, 128x64 px (5x2,5 in)
Keypad: Alphanumerical 0–9, *, on, off, mute,
hold, volume up, volume down,
5 buttons for menu navigation, line, and conference guide

Konftel 300IP - Anti-theft protection
Kensington® security slot

Konftel 300IP - Connections:
Ethernet: RJ45
AUX (headset/PA): Modular 4/4
Expansion microphones: Modular 4/4

Konftel 300IP - Power
Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af
Transformer: 100–240 V AC/13.5 V DC

Konftel 300IP - Regulatory Compliance
Safety: En 60950-1:2006, ANSI/Ul 60950-1-2002, CAn/CSA-C22.2, no. 60950-1-03 EMC/Radio: En 301 489-3 V1.4.1 (2002-08),En 301 489-1 V1.6.1 (2005-09), fCC Part 15 subpart B class A, fCC Part 15 subpart C, En 300220-1:2000, En 300220-2:2000 RoHS

Konftel 300IP - Environmental Conditions:
Temperature: 41-104°F
Relative humidity: 20–80% condensation free

Konftel 300IP - Included:
Konftel 300IP, SD memory card, power supply, power and network cable, and Quick guides

Konftel 300IP - Accessories:
900102080 Expansion microphones, 1 pair
900102087 Interface box for connection to
external loudspeaker and PA system
900103384 Wirelock

Konftel 300IP - Warranty:
2 years

Konftel 300IP PoE Resources

Datasheets & Brouchers:
Konftel 300IP Datasheet (PDF)