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Digium: The Gold Standard In Asterisk Hardware

Digium hardware extends the power of Asterisk to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and beyond. Digium is the leading manufacturer of analog and digital interface cards, voice compression modules, redundancy solutions, and IP media gateways for use with the Asterisk open source communications engine.

Media Gateways

Digium's VoIP gateways are industrial grade appliances designed to bridge the gap between TDM (T1/E1/PRI) and IP networks.

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Telephony Cards

Digium offers a full line of high quality analog and digital interface cards to connect your IP PBX, IVR, VoIP Gateway, or custom telephony solution to the public telephone network. Digium also has hybrid cards, voice compression cards, modules, and accessories built specifically for Asterisk.

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Switchvox Phone Systems

You don't have to choose, and you don't have to pay extra.
Switchvox offers a single powerful set of features at a price you can afford. You don't need to spend time trying to figure out some "a la carte" menu of features and pricing. You pay one low price for all of its communications power.

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IP Phones

Experience the power of Switchvox on your desk phone. The Digium D40, D50 and D70 offers the best value and tightest integration with your Switchvox system. As Switchvox supports standards-based protocols, you may use phones such as Polycom's video and IP conferencing phone to support all of your office needs.

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Digium VPM64 Module

Digium VPM64 Module

Hardware Echo Cancellation Module for Digium Dual Span T1 Cards.

Price: $442.00
Digium VPMOCT032 Module

Digium VPMOCT032 Module

The VPMOCT032 is a Octasic DSP based 128ms per-channel echo cancellation module for use with Digium telephony interface cards.

Price: $199.75
Digium Wildcard B410P

Digium Wildcard B410P

The B410P features on-board DSP-based echo cancellation and supports TE and NT mode over 4-wire S/T interface.

Price: $650.00
Digium 1U Patch Panel

Digium 1U Patch Panel

Digium 1U Patch Panel features a 50-pin male connector and its 24 female RJ-11 connectors are wired with two conductors for single line operation.

Price: $230.00
Digium X100M FXO Module

Digium X100M FXO Module

The X100M FXO module allows the TDM400P card or TDM800P card to terminate analog telephone lines (POTS).

Price: $37.99
Digium X400M FXO Module

Digium X400M FXO Module

The X400M FXO module allows the TDM800P card or TDM2400P card to terminate four analog telephone lines (POTS) per module.

Price: $148.75
Digium VPMOCT256 Module

Digium VPMOCT256 Module

The Digium VPMOCT256 is 256 Channel Hardware Echo Cancellation Module for TE820 Octal-Span Digital Card.

Price: $845.75
Digium TE820

Digium TE820

The TE820 Octal-Span Digital Card is designed for businesses using high-density Asterisk applications that require high-performance digital connectivity.

Price: $1695.75
Digium TE820B

Digium TE820B

The TE820 Octal-Span Digital Card with echo cancellation is designed for businesses using high-density Asterisk applications that require high-performance digital connectivity.

Price: $2541.50
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