Digium X400M FXO Module

Price: $148.75

List Price: $175.00

  • Manufacturer: Digium
  • Model: 1X400MF
  • UPC: 797734475487
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Availability: Available to ship same business day

Digium X400M FXO Module

The X400M FXO module allows the TDM800P card or TDM2400P card to terminate four analog telephone lines (POTS) per module.

Because of the modular design, a user can activate additional ports at any time with more S400M or X400M daughter cards. The X400M module passes all the call features any standard analog telephone line will support. Worldwide certifications are pending.

Digium X400M FXO Module Specifications

Digium X400M FXO Module Resources

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