Digium TDM410P

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Digium TDM410P

The TDM410P has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The replacement product is the A4A00.
Please note: This is a blank board and does NOT include FXO, FXS, or echo cancellation modules

Using Digium's Asterisk® software and standard PC hardware, one can create a telephony environment that includes all of the sophisticated features of a high-end business telephone system.

Using an industry-standard bursting, bus-mastering interface chip that is found within millions of PC systems worldwide, and Digium VoiceBus™ technology, the TDM410 eliminates the requirement for external gateways, with industry-leading performance and price. The trunk and station modules are interchangeable, allowing the creation of any combination of interfaces.

The optional hardware echo cancellation module provides 1024 taps (128 milliseconds) of echo cancellation for superior voice quality on both trunk and station interfaces. Scaling of this solution is accomplished by adding additional TDM410 or other Digium analog interface cards.

4 Port Analog Features:
  • 4 Ports for connecting analog telephones or POTS lines
  • Half-length Analog Card
  • Up to 4 FXS or FXO Modules
  • High Performance Echo Cancellation (HPEC) Software (Optional)
  • TDM410 for use with a PCI 2.2 compliant slot - Bundled with VPMADT032 as TDM410PE
  • AEX410 for use with a PCI-express 1.0 compliant slot – Bundled with VPMADT032 as AEX410PE

Note: The 12V power connector is required for the operation of FXS modules. It is not required for the operation of FXO modules.

Incoming Lines Phone Extensions Model
1 0 TDM401BF
2 0 TDM402BF
3 0 TDM403BF
4 0 TDM404BF
0 1 TDM410BF
1 1 TDM411BF
2 1 TDM412BF
3 1 TDM413BF
0 2 TDM420BF
1 2 TDM421BF
2 2 TDM422BF
0 3 TDM430BF
1 3 TDM431BF
0 4 TDM440BF

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Digium TDM410P Specifications

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