Cisco SPA501G

Price: $94.60

List Price: $135.00

  • Manufacturer: Cisco
  • Model: SPA501G
  • UPC:
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Availability: Available to ship same business day

Cisco SPA501G

Please Note: This is a PoE capable device and the AC power adapter is not included.

The Cisco SPA 501G uses standard encryption protocols to perform highly secure remote provisioning and unobtrusive in-service software upgrades. Remote provisioning tools include detailed performance measurement and troubleshooting features, enabling network providers to deliver high-quality support to their subscribers. Remote provisioning also saves service providers the time and expense of managing, preloading, and reconfiguring customer premises equipment.

  • Full-featured 8-line business-class IP phone supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE)

  • Connects directly to an Internet telephone service provider or to an IP private branch exchange (PBX)

  • Easy installation and highly secure remote provisioning, as well as menu-based and web-based configuration

  • Wideband audio for unsurpassed voice clarity and enhanced speaker quality

  • Paper label insert for buttons to indicate speed dials, shared lines, or extensions. This model does not have an LCD display

  • Supports up to two Cisco® SPA 500S Expansion Module, adding an additional 64 buttons *

  • Supports both Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Smart Phone Control Protocol (SPCP) with the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business
  • Cisco SPA501G Specifications

    • Eight voice lines

    • Four Independent SIP Registrations*

    • Line status: active line indication

    • User interface driven by Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    • Shared line appearance**

    • Speakerphone

    • Call hold

    • Music on hold**

    • Call waiting

    • Outbound caller ID blocking

    • Call transfer: attended and blind

    • Three-way call conferencing with local mixing

    • Multiparty conferencing via external conference bridge

    • Automatic redial of last calling and last called numbers

    • On-hook dialing

    • Call pickup: selective and group**

    • Call park and unpark**

    • Call swap

    • Call back on busy

    • Call blocking: anonymous and selective

    • Call forwarding: unconditional, no answer, on busy

    • Hot line and warm line automatic calling

    • Call logs (60 entries each): made, answered, and missed calls

    • Personal directory with auto-dial (100 entries)

    • Do not disturb

    • Digits dialed with number auto-completion

    • Anonymous caller blocking

    • Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) (IP) dialing support (vanity numbers)

    • On-hook default audio configuration (speakerphone and headset)

    • Multiple ring tones with selectable ring tone per line

    • Date and time with support for intelligent daylight savings

    • Call start time stored in call logs

    • Distinctive ringing based on calling and called number

    • 10 user-downloadable ring tones

    • Speed dialing, eight entries

    • Configurable dial/numbering plan support

    • Intercom**

    • Group paging**

    • Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal, including Simple Traversal of UDP Through NATs (STUN) support

    • DNS SRV and multiple A records for proxy lookup and proxy redundancy

    • Syslog, debug, report generation, and event logging

    • Highly secure call encrypted voice communications support

    • Built-in web server for administration and configuration with multiple security levels

    • Automated remote provisioning, multiple methods; up to 256-bit encryption (HTTP, HTTPS, Trivial File Transfer Protocol [TFTP])

    • Option to require administrator password to reset unit to factory defaults

    Hardware Features

    • Paper label area

    • Dedicated illuminated buttons for:

    – Audio mute on/off

    – Headset on/off

    – Speakerphone on/off

    • Voicemail message waiting indicator (VMWI) light

    • Voicemail message retrieval button

    • Dedicated hold button

    • Settings button for access to IVR menu

    • Volume control rocking up/down knob controls handset, headset, speaker, ringer

    • Dedicated keys for redial, cancel, conference, and transfer

    • Standard 12-button dialing pad

    • High-quality handset and cradle

    • Built-in high-quality microphone and speaker

    • Headset jack: 2.5 mm

    • Two Ethernet ports with integrated Ethernet switch: 10/100BASE-T RJ-45

    • 802.3af-compliant PoE

    • Optional 5 VDC universal (100-240V) switching; power supply is ordered separately (Cisco PA100)

    Regulatory Compliance

    • FCC (Part 15, Class B), CE Mark, A-Tick, C-Tick, Telepermit, UL, CB

    Security Features

    • Password-protected system, preset to factory default

    • Password-protected access to administrator and user-level features

    • HTTPS with factory-installed client certificate

    • HTTP digest: encrypted authentication via MD5 (RFC 1321)

    • Up to 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption

    • SIP over Transport Layer Security (TLS)

    • Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)

    Cisco SPA501G Resources

    Datasheets & Brochures:
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