Konftel 300

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  • Manufacturer: Konftel
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  • Warranty: 2 years
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Konftel 300

The new Konftel 300 is nothing less than revolutionary with so many unique and innovative features packed into a conference phone. The conference guide makes setting up multiparty calls an easy task and the SD memory card allows for calls to be recorded. A line selection mode allows switching between and combination of three connectivity technologies. The Konftel 300 is also ideal in larger contexts as there is the option of adding expansion microphones, a wireless headset and the PA system too. The Konftel 300 delivers ultimate sound quality, based Omni-Sound®2.0, a brand new generation of Konftel’s patented audio technology. Last, but not least – the Konftel 300 has an intriguing Scandinavian design that will enhance any conference table.

Konftel 300 - Packed with functionality
The Konftel 300 extends the uses of the conference phone. As well as delivering outstanding audio quality, it incorporates intelligent features and accessories to enhance the quality of your conference calls.

Konftel 300 - Practical conference guide
The conference guide makes it easy to set up multiparty calls. This brand new feature can store as many as 20 groups, taking the hassle out of setting up regular teleconferences. Individual contacts can be stored in the phonebook.

Konftel 300 - Switch and combine connections
As well as the option of a traditional analogue connection, the Konftel 300 allows you to use your computer to make VoIP calls through 7 kHz wideband voice transmission. GSM phones are connected via an accessory cable. The line selection mode allows you to combine and switch easily between different connectivities. The Konftel 300 provides the capability to link calls using different connectivity options.

Konftel 300 - Memory card recording
The Konftel 300 supports SD memory cards so that meetings can be recorded and listened to. The memory card can be transferred to a computer, allowing the user to listen to, send or save the audio files from the meeting.

Konftel 300 - Extension capacity for larger rooms
Expansion microphones effectively double the voice pickup range. Together, the Konftel 300’s omni-directional microphone and the directional microphones ensure optimal voice pickup in larger meeting rooms. A wireless headset can also be connected to the Konftel 300 for listening to presentations.

To achieve an even more powerful audio effect, the Konftel 300 can be connected to existing PA system. A software upgrade is required for connection to a PA system.

Konftel 300 Specifications

Konftel 300 - Technical Data
Size: Diameter 240 mm, height 77 mm (9,44 in, height 3 in.)
Weight: 1 kg. (2,2 lbm)
Colour: Charcoal black.
Display: Illuminated graphics (ICD) 128x64 (5x2,5 in).
Keypad: Alphanumerical 0–9, *, on/R, off, mute, hold, volume up, volume down, 5 buttons
for menu navigation, line selection mode, conference guide.
Microphone: Omni-directional frequency range: 200–3300 Hz, analogue line 200–7000 Hz,
USB 150–15000 Hz Playback.
Reception area: Up to 30 m2 (320 sq ft) > 10 people.
Speakers: frequency range: 200-3300 Hz, analogue line 200–7000 Hz, USB 150–15000 Hz
Volume: 90 db SPl 0.5 m three pitches: soft, neutral, sharp.
Memory: support for SD memory cards up to 2 GB.
Anti-theft protection: Kensington security slot.
Upgrades: The Konftel PC Suite upgrades Konftel 300 software via the USB connection.

Konftel 300 - Connections
Analogue phone connection: Modular 6/6 modular (RJ11) to a public analogue telecommunication
network or an analogue PBX.
PC connection: USB 2.0. Mini B.
GSM connection: 6/6 DeC.
Power supply: transformer 100–240 V AC/14 V DC.
Expansion microphones: modular 4/4.
Auxiliary: modular 4/4 for wireless headset.

Konftel 300 - Environment
Temperature: 5° – 40°C (41–104 F).
Relative humidity: 20–80% condensation free.
Recommended acoustics
Reverberation time: 0.5 S Rt 60.
Background noise: 45 dbA.

Konftel 300 - Approvals
Telecommunication: TBR21, 47 CFR PART 68/TIA, IC CS-03 Issue 1 Jan. 1999.
EMC: EN301 489-1,3. EN 300 220-1,2, FCC subpart B and C.
Electrical safety: UL 60950-1, EN 60950-1:2001.

Konftel 300 - Accessories
Expansion microphones, the directional cardioid microphones increase the range from 30 to 70 m2
(up to 750 sq ft.).
Item no. 900102080.
PA system connection cable. Item no. 900102086.
Travel case for the Konftel 300. Item no. 900103392.
Wall mounting bracket. Item no. 900102084.

Konftel 300 - Upgrades see www.konftel.com/300
SD Call recorder. (900102081).
PA system connection. (900102087).

Konftel 300 - Warranty
Two years.

Konftel 300 Resources

Datasheets & Brochures:
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