ALGO 3228 Station Port FXS Doorphone

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  • Manufacturer: ALGO
  • Model: 3228
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  • Warranty: 1 year
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ALGO 3228 Station Port FXS Doorphone

The 3228 Station Port FXS Doorphone provides a simple-to-install telephone-integrated entry security intercom solution for business and residential applications. Visitors cause a telephone to ring which enables conversation when answered and the capability to allow remote entry using door release features.

Single-pair wiring to the digital door station enables fast and easy retrofit in residential doorbell replacement or elevator cars, and provides superior voice quality over 4-wire analog systems that use a simple speaker and call button. The illuminated call button is easy to find in the dark and is suitable for outdoor environments.

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) speech technology provides echo cancellers and adaptive noise reduction for superior communication in adverse conditions due to weather, traffic, or other background noise. A door control relay can connect to any type of door release or gate activation system and includes a 24 V 0.3 A power source for low power 24 V door strikes (customer provided). Additionally, there are low current programmable inputs and outputs at both control unit and intercom station for door sensing, door unlock switch, door unlock override, auxiliary call buttons, or telephone status such as ringing or in-use.

The 3228 Station Port FXS Doorphone is provided in kit form and consists of a Controller, Digital Door Station, Power Supply, mounting gaskets, and basic cabling and connectors.


  • Single pair digital Door Station flush or surface mount makes installation makes new or retrofit installation easy
  • Digital speech technology provides superior voice quality
  • Integrated door control relay with 24 V power source
  • Caller Line ID to telephone helps users easily differentiate door calls from standard call
  • Programmable control outputs at controller and Door Station provide flexibility and reduce wiring requirements
  • Programmable control inputs at controller and Door Station
  • System is configurable through software via USB, or by telephone through touch-tone (DTMF) commands
  • Global regulatory compliance, RoHS, CEC Energy compliant
  • Out-of-Box plug and play installation requiring no special tools or additional equipment

ALGO 3228 Station Port FXS Doorphone Specifications

Interface Connect to FXS port
Ring Voltage 65 Vrms ring voltage 20 or 25 Hz Sinewave, REN=2
Talk Battery 48 Vdc; 30 mA current limit
Ring Cadence Programmable
Ring Persistence Programmable
Door Control
Contact Rating Maximum 30 V, 1 Amp
Contact Type 1 Form C; Normally Open and Normally Closed
Duration Programmable, including latch
Activation DTMF, programmable
Auxiliary Power 24 Vdc, current limited to 300mA
Terminal Block Wiring 12-26 AWG
Control Unit (3228 Doorphone Controller)
Number & Type 4 isolated solid state relays
Connection 2.5 mm jack
Voltage Max 30 V SELV
Current Max 50 mA non-inductive
Functions Ring, In-Use, or Message Waiting
Door Station (3201/3202/3203)
Wiring Single pair, normally 24 AWG twisted 1,000 feet (300 m);
Please contact Algo for longer loop lengths.
Dry Contact Output Maximum 30 V, 50 mA switching (programmable function)
Dry Contact Input Contact detected using 24 Vdc 1 mA (programmable function) Maximum resistance 1 kOhm
Operating Temp. -30 to 50 C (-22 to 122 F)
Weather Resistance CSA/UL 3R weather resistant
Call Button Sealed, backlit
Faceplate 304 Stainless Steel (3201); Brass optional (3202); Vandal-Proof (3203)
Method DTMF or USB Port using configuration software
Power Requirement
Typical (idle) 1 Watt
Maximum 10 Watts (Audio active, door contacts using 24 V, 0.3 A auxiliary supply)

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