ALGO 1825 Duet Plus

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  • Manufacturer: ALGO
  • Model: 1825PM
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  • Warranty: 1 year
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ALGO 1825 Duet Plus

The ALGO 1825 Duet Plus is a high performance low-frequency loud ringer compatible with most business telephone systems in office and industrial applications. The unit is compatible with dry contact closure, analog telephones, and Nortel digital telephones including Norstar, Business Communication Manager (BCM), Meridian 1, and Communication Server 1000 (CS 1000).

Loud ringing can be activated by a relay or switch closure (dry contacts), low voltage detection, 90V analog telephone ringing, or any Nortel TDM digital business telephone.

Non-Irritating Tone Output

The 1825 Duet Plus can be wall mounted in office or quiet warehouse applications utilizing its built in speaker to generate up to 93 dBA (at 1m) warble tones. An optional 1185 Horn Speaker is available for very loud or outdoor requirements (112 dBA at 1m). The combination of lower frequency warble and high sound pressure level creates an extremely effective and pleasant telephone alert for large or noisy locations.

Amplified Voice Paging

An additional feature of the 1825 Duet Plus is its capability to provide amplified voice paging as a separate application or in combination with loud ringing utilizing the same speaker. For small business telephone systems this provides an extremely cost effective and high performance solution for loud ringing and loud paging into a warehouse, storage yard, or machine shop.  Separate volume control is provided for voice page and loud ring levels.  

Other useful features include adjustable warble frequency, adjustable volume, and integrated test button.

ALGO 1825 Duet Plus Specifications

High performance low frequency loud phone ringer compatible with dry contact closure events, analog telephones, and Nortel Digital Telephones including Norstar, BCM, Meridian 1, and CS 1000.
Power supply Adapter included;
22V 350 mA Class II
Maximum wire distance 500 feet (150m) for remote power using 24 gauge wire
Sound pressure level 93 dBA, 500 Hz 3.3 ft (1m) using internal speaker; 112 dBA, 500 Hz 3.3 ft (1m) typical with 1185 Horn speaker
Warble frequency Adjustable 290/360 Hz to 770/960 Hz typical, 4 to 12 Hz modulation
Output power
(for external speaker)
6 W peak, 3.5 Wrms continuous into 8 Ohms
Output impedance (for external speaker) 8 Ohm in power mode, 10kOhm in line driver mode
Dry contact closure Detection with 10Vdc 1 mA
resistive circuit
90V ring detection REN 0.8, LN=6; ring start 40Vrms; ring stop 27Vrms
Low voltage detection Detects external 3 to 60V dc or ac
Paging input 600 Ohm balanced and isolated
Paging input level Selectable, 0 dBm (HI) or
–18 dBm (LO)
Audio detection -43 to +12 dBm adjustable
Dimensions 5-3/8"(H) x 3-1/8"(W) x 1-5/8"( D); 137 x 79 x 41mm

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